Training Quality Control Managers

I am often approached and asked ” How did you train such a strong Quality Control Staff”. The question is a straight forward one, the answer unfortunately is not. Quality Control Managers are some of the most expensive members of my staff to train. The sole reason for the expense is not due to a mountain of certificates that are required for the role it is because the best Quality Control Managers learn from the School of Hard Knocks, they learn from mistakes and mistakes are costly. There are however basic principals you will want to put in place and train your Quality Control Managers on which will greatly reduce the learning curve and your cost. Below are 5 items to consider when investing in your Quality Control Program;

#1 Have a detailed Corporate QC Plan in place listing the requirements and procedures you expect from your Quality Control Department

#2 Have standard Quality Control Forms made that you implement across all of your projects

#3 Insure your Quality Control Managers have a strong foundation for basic computer skills

#4 Have a Standard Filing System whether hard copy or electronic that you implement across all projects

#5 Insure your staff is trained on topics such as Submittals, QC 101, Closeout, Red Zone, As Builts, Commissioning, and Concrete Pour 101

If you need any help with the above bolded items contact the Beckrich Quality Control Division. We have Quality Control Products and Online Quality Control Training that can help. 719-399-0914

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