Rules to Mastering Submittals

Submittals can be the single most expensive item for General Contractors and
Subcontractors to obtain and get processed. Time and money due to improper packaging, improper marking, not understanding variances and how to treat them can be insurmountable. GC’s can also track submittal miss-management to lost time on the project schedule and liquidated damages.

There are Basic Rules/Steps to submitting complete submittals. Below are Beckrich Quality Control Divisions’ top 5

#1 Understand your contractual documents & which documents supersed others

#2 Clearly mark your submittals showing what items you are submitting against the Submittal Register

#3 Provide the required format and number of copies as required per the specifications

#4 Clearly mark variances and explain how the items you are submitting meet or exceed the project requirements

#5 Track all submittals whether you are a General Contractor or Subcontractor. The timely submission and approval of submittals is vitally important to a project’s success.


If your team would like to learn more about the 5 Rules listed above and how to handle Submittal Requirements Beckrich Quality Control Division has online training modules for General Contractors and Subcontractors.

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