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Where are Most Project Profits Lost

My Quality Control staff hears me say quite frequently that Quality Control Managers earn their money on the front end of a project and then on the back end and that most projects are won or lost on profits during the Commissioning and Close Out process. Sounds like a simple concept but it is one that we see General Contractors fail and loose valuable profits on time and time again. Below is the Beckrich top ten hit list for successful Commissioning & Closeout on every project;

1. Get your Quality Control Manager involved in the initial Project Schedule creation so that time is allowed for Test and Balance, Commissioning and the Close Out Process. So many projects get down to the very end and have no time left for the commissioning and closeout that must take place which costs General Contractors hundreds of thousands of dollars in liquidated damages.

2. Read your project specific contract and specifications and understand your requirements when it comes to Testing, Commissioning and Project Closeout.

3. Insure you have a dedicated Quality Control Staff reporting to upper management directly not a Superintendent or a Project Manager. A Quality Control Manager is not going to be effective for you if he/she is reporting to an individual with different priorities such as schedule or cost.

4. Create a Testing Plan/Matrix at the beginning of the Project and track progress and completion.

5. Create Close Out Matrix’s at the beginning of the project to track O&M Manuals, Warranties, Spare Parts, Owner Training etc.

6. Keep a tight handle of the outstanding submittal register so that when the project team gets to Commissioning and Closeout only test reports and close out items remain on the register. During this time on a project a Quality Control Manager can not fight clearing a register of missing submittals along with managing the testing and closeout. If a Quality Control Manager gets into that position it will cost the entire project valuable time and money.

7. Quality Control Managers must have an active hand in scheduling and managing the testing and closeout subcontractors and activities. The Quality Control Manager must drive the bus or it will run the entire team over.

8. As mentioned in previous blogs Organization Organization Organization. Quality Control Managers will get snowed under by piles of paperwork if he/she has not set up the site files in an organized manor and kept them up throughout the project.

9. Train your subcontractors on the commissioning and closeout process. A couple hours of training will save you oodles of time and money in hand holding and management on the back end of a project. If your current team doesn’t have the time or resources to train your subcontractors reach out to us as we have specific online training modules to help subcontractors navigate their government contract requirements.

10. Hold a Pre-Red Zone (pre-commissioning) meeting with your subcontractors before walking into one with your client.


Need help understanding the commissioning process and requirements on government projects? Or do you need help creating the closeout tracking spreadsheets from your specific contract requirements? Speak to our Corporate Quality Control Manager at 719-399-0914 or Visit us at .

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