Concrete – 10 Steps all QC’s should take to prepare for a Concrete Pour

If you ask a seasoned Quality Control Manager what he/she knows about large concrete pours for Federal Clients you may get an answer like “There is a crack in every truck it just depends on when it is going to show up” or ” whatever can go wrong usually does”. One thing is for certain every Quality Control Manager knows the feeling of dread and butterflies in the stomach preparing for a large concrete pour especially for a Federal Client. There are a lot of steps a QC must take prior to and thru pour day. It is up to the QC Manager to drive the pour, the testing & the approval of every truck that comes to site. Beckrich Construction offers very thorough concrete pour training for Quality Control Managers at  Below are 8 steps all Quality Control Managers should complete in preparation for a successful concrete pour;

#1 Hold a preparatory meeting with your concrete subcontractor, pump truck, testing agency, your site superintendent & your Federal Client to go thru pour day details, specs and drawings.

#2 Make Sure you have the Testing Agency on Board and Scheduled.

#3 Make sure you have the rebar and Form Inspections completed and documented with plenty of pictures before the pour.

#4 Make a copy of Spec Testing and the Mix ID# to keep on you in your pocket on pour day.

Truck Time limits/Air content / Slump / Temp / Strength / Mix ID#

#5 Watch the weather forecast and know your temperature limits and approved cold/hot weather plans

#6 Check your temp gun for batteries and make sure it is in working order

#7 Be sure you know the approved curing methods

#8 Insure the saw cutting subcontractor is scheduled

#9 Be sure the Testing Agency has the cure box set up onsite if required

#10 Lab cures Vs. field cures – Be sure you know what is required by spec and how many cores you will be asking the testing agency to collect.


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