Most Important Trait for a QC Manager

In speaking to groups and conducting Quality Control Training over the years I am almost always asked what is the single most important trait a QC Manager needs to have. Most Project Managers and Owners expect me to answer with a technical skill set, or a degree but my answer is a one-word response “organized”. Its sounds simple when one looks at the definition or·gan·ized – arranged in a systematic way, especially on a large scale, however being organized is the one factor that can make or break a QC Manager’s ability to be effective on a project.  The government is currently proudly proclaiming they are transitioning into a paperless world, I can hear you chuckling now and I giggle along with you all. Every project has mountains of paperwork from site plans, to submittals, RFI’s, As- Built documents, O & M’s, Warranties and the endless list goes on and on. With so much paperwork a QC can get swallowed up very easily and QC’s can find they are spending ALL of their time in the site trailer trying to dig out from under the paperwork. If a QC is inside the site trailer they are NOT out on the site inspecting and finding issues before they become costly and time consuming. We all need our Quality Control Managers to be in the field being Proactive Not Reactive. The only way they can get there is to be organized on their files and paperwork. Beckrich’s QC’s use good old-fashioned file cabinets and three ring binders for site hard copies along with iPads and digital cloud files for archive and backup. We set up our hard copy and digital files at the beginning of the project so all the QC’s have to do is drop the appropriate items into the right folders or binders and then they can move onto site inspections. If the system is kept up it frees QC’s from the mountains of paperwork, sets standard filing systems that PM’s and Supers can access at any time and helps if there is a change in QC personal or a QC needs to take leave or a vacation. Qc Managers please take a min to make yourselves a good organization plan and save yourselves hours and hours of frustration. Sit down and make a list of the documents you will be responsible for and how you will file them in hard paper form and electronically.


If you are a new QC it is vital that you understand your primary job duties throughout a project so you can create your organization plan. Beckrich has a QC 101 training module for QC Managers available on our website at Beckrich Quality Control Division wants to help you to have the tools you need to succeed.


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