QC Audit Checklist

Aristotle said “Quality is not an act, it is a habit”. Many Owners, Project Managers and Quality Control Managers have asked themselves more than once throughout their career ” Is my project site in trouble? Do I have issues or holes in my Quality Control Processes or Team?” Beckrich is called upon often to visit teams and sites and audit their programs and processes. Each time I am asked a version of the following question, where do we begin, where do we even start in assessing our current situation? Lack of a strong Quality Control department and procedures will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, loss time, re-work, insurance claims, and lost bonding. Below are 15 quick audit questions to get you started which we always include in our extensive audits. If you answer no to any of the below questions you need to re-structure your QC department

#1 Do you have a Corporate QC Plan

#2 Does your Schedule include Submittals

#3 Are you current on Submittals per your schedule

#4 Do you have QC Forms

#5 Do you have documented QC Processes

#6 Is your QC spending more time in the field than the office

#7 Does your QC have strong computer skills

#8 Does your QC have complete organized field files

#9 Does your PM and Super have total access to all QC files

#10 Does your schedule include testing & close out items

#11 Does your QC have organized copies of all field tests

#12 Are your As Builts up to date with a clear As Built process

#13 Do your Subcontractors understand their requirements to QC

#14 Are your O&M manuals being completed as soon as initial Product Submittals are approved

#15 Is your QC Managing & Driving the Commissioning & Closeout process


Need Help?

After reviewing the checklist do you need QC Plans, forms, and training for your team or subcontractors? Contact us and we can help with our QC Products and online Training Modules. http://www.beckrichconst.com

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