11 Things to Know/Look for When Hiring a Quality Control Manager

Hiring a Quality Control Manager for your company is an extremely important task. The right QC Manager can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in rework and lost time if you find the right candidate for the position. Over the years Beckrich Quality Control Services has streamlined QC Manager interviews and below are the top 11 items we look for in all of our Quality Control Managers.

#1 Computer Knowledge – QC’s must have good computer skills i.e. Microsoft Office, Outlook, Bluebeam, QCS/RMS, etc.

#2 Organization – QC’s must be organized with electronic and hard files

#3Communication – QC’s must be able to communicate with all levels of craftsmen and professionals

#4 Customer Filter – QC’s must understand how to speak with clients /customers

#5 Technical Knowledge – QC’s must have technical knowledge of specs and be able to read prints

#6 Years in the Dirt – The best QC’s are those that have come up in the ranks & have years in the dirt

#7 Professionalism Not Friend – QC’s must understand clients are customers and not friends

#8 Forward Thinker – We need QC’s who are always thinking of new technology and new ways to get things done

#9 Detail Oriented – QC’s must be detailed oriented and not afraid of paperwork

#10 Proactive – QC’s must be proactive not reactive. More time in the field instead of the site trailer keeps them ahead of possible issues

#11 Training – QC’s need to have industry specific training such as ICC, QCM, Osha 30, First Aid/CPR, ACI, LEED etc.

Remember finding the correct fit for your project and team is vital so don’t rush the selection process.

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